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Toshiba Mobile Display Shows Off No Glasses Required 3d Screen

 |  |  |  |  |  April 27, 2010

I like 3D movies, but I really don’t like the glasses you have to wear. The glasses make you look like some weird guy from the 70’s. Sure there are cooler looking 3D glasses, but those cost more and the theater isn’t going to spring for them. When it comes to watching at home on a 3D set, the needed active 3D glasses can be expensive.

I am glad to see companies making strides in displays that will show 3D and don’t need glasses to view. Toshiba Mobile Display has unveiled a new 21-inch screen that shows 3D images without needing glasses.

The screen does this by using multi-parallax technology with wide viewing angles. A special filter layer also makes the panel as bright as conventional 2D screens. Hopefully, this is the sort of tech that will get more people to move to 3D at home.