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The Tablecloth Hour: Weird Japanese Game Du Jour

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 15, 2010

Taito, the creators of the original Space Invaders have been testing a new arcade game that involves yanking a tablecloth off a virtual table without knocking over all the stuff on the table. Weird, huh? Would you expect anything less in a Japanese arcade?


The Tablecloth Hour features a red “tablecloth” controller which players (or red bears wearing red fezzes) yank from the front of the machine as you watch various tabletop items wobble on the screen above.


I like how the controller has a button on it labeled “POSH” – I’m assuming that’s Engrish for “PUSH”, but maybe it’s just a very swanky game.

[Source Room Aries (JP) via Arcade Heroes via Tiny Cartridge]