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NES Bed Will Make You Dream in 8-Bit

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 15, 2010

Whoever made these NES pillowcases, bed sheet and comforter should make himself known. Preferably on Etsy, with a thousand more of these ready to be sold.

nes bed

Awesome shield by the way. Perhaps a Paladin retires in this bed. It is a worthy prize for being Lawfully Good.

nes bed 2

If I had this bed as a kid my mom wouldn’t have had to yell at me to fix my bed every morning. On second though if I had a Nintendo bed when I was a kid it could only have been a Famicom bed.

nes bed 3

I want to hug those controllers. Seriously, mythical person/people who made this bed, make more of these and the world will give you billions in return.

[via Nowhereelse via Reddit]