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Quirky Cable Collar Collects Cables Conveniently

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Written by Shane McGlaun | October 16, 2010

I’m a messy person. If you ask me to install your home theater, I will do it. I won’t like it though and I will leave a tangled mess of cables behind your entertainment center to remind you every time you look back there to hire someone next time. I will do the same for your PC, you are warned. If you want to keep things behind your desk or entertainment center tidy, Quirky has a new product for you.


The thing is called the Cable Collar and it is a plate that looks like those rings you hang a water hose on to me. Rather than going on the outside of your hose, the Cable Collar goes behind the faceplate to your outlet and allows you to wind the extra cable around it for a tidy install.

It has six holder slots around the collar to clip those cables and is large enough to hold up to 24-inches of extra cable. The plastic is heat resistant and it won’t affect the usability of your outlet. Quirky wants to build 3000 of them for $6.99 each and 118 are already sold. Get in on the pre-sale action now.