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IPhone Grows a Tail With Mobile Tail Thingy

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 9, 2010

iPhone users the world over have a hard time watching video and making FaceTime calls thanks to having to lay the iPhone flat on the table or desk. This problem has created a number of solutions on the market, none of which are as cute and gross at the same time as the Mobile Tail. It’s cute because it looks like a puppy dog tail, and it’s gross because it looks like a severed puppy dog tail.

The concept from designers Sangwoo Park & Jongwon Park has a suction cup on the end and can stick to your iPhone or any other mobile device for that matter. The Mobile Tail is made from silicon rubber and the suction cup claims to be able to stick to anything. The concept has several different colors to choose from.

I like the packaging as much as I like the product. It would come in a tiny little box that covers the suction cup only with the tail sticking out. It reminds me of the time we put a diaper on our puppy as a kid so we didn’t have to clean the carpet overnight. Cleaning carpet is easier than cleaning dog fur just for the record.