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Evolyte iPad Deal Could Save You Up to $100

 |  |  |  |  |  November 27, 2010

If you have your Christmas hopes set on getting a shiny new iPad to play, with you might be in luck if the deal over on Evolyte makes it. Evolyte describes itself as the “superhero baby of Woot and Groupon that never cries.” It’s a group buying site where you can get discounts on things if enough of them sell.

The deal right now is for a shiny new 32GB iPad with free shipping. The company has to get 50 people signed up to get the iPad with the first discount, which is $45 off MSRP. If the company can get 1000 folks signed up, the discount gets better. I would assume the $100 off Evolyte is promising comes in at the 1000 unit mark. Plus, Evolyte doesn’t charge shipping, and you won’t pay sales tax if you live outside of Illinois (until every other state reads this.)

There is a chance that the deal won’t make it, which sucks. The thing has another 4.5 days to run and already 12 out of the 50 have been sold for the first discount, so things are looking good. With the exception of yesterday’s $41 off deal for Apple’s Black Friday sale, this is one of the few places you might be able to score a significant discount on an iPad.