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Pure Twilight is Not Team Edward

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Written by Shane McGlaun | November 28, 2010

My wife is a big Twilight fan. Me, not so much. I think the flicks could have been much better with some explosions, hooters, and maybe a manly car chase that didn’t involve my grandma’s Volvo. Pure now has a new radio out called the Twilight that has nothing to do with blood sucking vampires or shedding werewolves. This thing is a clock radio with a big dome light on top.

The top of the radio is white glass and inside that dome is some lights that project colors into the room to make you feel sleepy and more at ease according to the company. The light changes from white, blue, green, purple, red, and orange.

In addition to the light that is supposed to help you wake and fall asleep, the thing can play FM radio for you and has an input for your MP3 player or iPhone. An optional iPhone dock is also offered as well. It even has built-in lullabies to get your baby to sleep, and nature sounds to help you catch some Zs.

While the colorful mood lights can help you relax, they can also be used as a “dawn simulation” to gently wake you from your slumber as alarm sounds play in the background.

No word on pricing yet, but you can find more info over at PURE’s website.