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M1 Mobile Manipulator Robot: The Real Johnny 5

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Written by Range | February 19, 2011

The M1 Mobile Manipulator robot is made by Meka Robotics, a San Francisco company which got started by MIT roboticists. The robot plans to be worth more than the sum of its parts and it slightly reminds me of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

meka robotics m1 mobile manipulator robot

The M1 has an omni-directional base, optional heads, hands, and sensors – all designed to help an operator or application remotely manipulate stuff. Later this year, Meka will even release a modular head with a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

meka robotics m1 mobile manipulator robot

M1’s torso is height-adjustable, and the whole robot measures about 50 inches tall but weighs 364 pounds.

The final price point for M1 will vary, but costs will start out at pricey $340,000 (USD).

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