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LEGO iMac May Send LEGO-Loving Apple Fans to Their Graves

 |  |  |  February 24, 2011

If you ask me, LEGO has a lot in common with apps for the iPhone. Anything you want to build can probably be made out of LEGO, and anything you want to do on a phone; there’s an app for it. If you are a geeky fan that loves both the iMac and LEGO this may be more than you can handle.

The directions for making what is apparently a nearly life-size iMac clone out of little bricks are now available. As long as you don’t try to install the Mac OS on the clone, I don’t think Jobs will sick his ninjas on you. You can grab the files for LEGO Digital Designer here.

If you need to buy all the pieces to build the thing, you can from for about $100. The only bad part is that Digital Designer lacks some of the pieces you need in light grey so other colors had to be substituted. The screen is modular too so you can change it whenever you want. Pretty darn sweet!