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G-Form Extreme Sleeve Protects iPad from 12lb. Bowling Ball

 |  |  |  |  |  April 10, 2011

If you don’t think that duct tape is sufficient for protecting your iPad, you might want to check into this case from the guys at G-Form. Just how well will G-Form’s new Extreme Sleeve protect your iPad from damage?


Well if you are to believe this dramatic demo video, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve, made from durable foam, can protect your delicate glass iPad from the impact of a 12 pound bowling ball dropped from 3 feet onto the face of an iPad sitting on a concrete slab.

Pretty amazing, eh? So much for the hard case. The G-Form’s unique impact-resistant sleeve, made from PORON® XRD™ – originally designed for protecting athletes from sports injuries – is designed to be soft and flexible until hit, which turns them into shock absorbers, capable of absorbing up to 90% of the energy of an impact. Screw my iPad, can I wrap my car in this stuff?

You can pre-order the iPad Extreme Sleeve over at G-Form for $59.95 (USD).

[via 9TO5Mac]