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Ergonomic Modular Keyboard Falls To Pieces

 |  |  |  |  |  May 1, 2011

While this concept is a few months old, it’s still interesting. It’s true that ergonomic keyboards do make touch-typing easier, especially if you spend long hours in front of you computer, but the modular aspect of this keyboard is somewhat strange.

goran bobinac keyboard modular concept ergonomic

This keyboard was designed by Goran Bobinac, an architect from Croatia. What makes it different from the other ergonomic keyboards that I’ve seen is that the middle part can be occupied by the numeric pad – if you so choose. It works in left- and right-handed numpad configurations as well. I’s a novel approach, but I wonder if it will work well, or if it’s really just for show.

goran bobinac keyboard modular concept ergonomic

The fact that it’s modular and ergonomic means that it can easily be snapped apart and thrown in your bag for transport too. For now, this keyboard is still a concept, and I wonder if it will ever be made.

[via Plusmod]