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GRO Design’s Kaleidoscope Watch: It’s Hypno-Time!

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Written by Range | May 1, 2011

This watch is kind of amazing to look at, but don’t stare at it for too long, or you’ll probably end up hypnotized. Telling the time is quite easy once you get the hang of it. It simply involves tuning out the gradients and looking at a pair of small spots that move around the periphery of the watch. It’s definitely an awesome concept.

gro design kaleidoscope watch concept gradient pattern

The Kaleidoscope Watch by GRO Design uses a  pair of gradient disks that spin around – one with the hour hand (dot) on it and the other with the minute hand. As the disks turn, the colors on the watch face change.

With time, people might even be able to tell the time just by looking at the gradients, but that might be tricky. If GRO can figure out a way to make this watch, they should because of its truly unique look.

gro design kaleidoscope watch concept gradient pattern

[via Core77]