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IKEA Desk Lamps Turned Upside Down to Make Chandelier

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 8, 2011

IKEA Hacker reader Jason is one very creative fellow who recently had one of those so simple it’s brilliant ideas: a chandelier is just a bunch of lamps hanging on the ceiling, so why not put a bunch of desk lamps together to make a chandelier?

ikea tertial chandelier by jason

Jason used three IKEA Tertial lamps, which are IKEA’s cheapest desk lampsĀ at $9 (USD) a pop. He then made a hollow base out of plywood to house the electrical wiring, and used a bicycle wheel spoke to secure the lamps to the base.

Each of the arms can be moved independently, and the whole setup is attached to a dimmer. The end result? A cheap, yet versatile and classy chandelier. Awesome hack Jason. Now I’d like to see you make a desk fan out of a ceiling fan.

[via IKEA Hackers via Unpluggd]