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Solar Powered Bikini: Soak Up the Sun, Get a Tan, Use the Energy To Charge Your Gadgets

 |  |  |  |  |  June 13, 2011

When the sun comes out, it’s time to play. At least, that’s what we’ve all been singing about ever since we were wee little children with Rain, Rain, Go Away.

I love to hit the beach when the weather’s perfect and it’s just the right kind of sunny. You know, the kind that doesn’t feel like you’re being roasted alive because of that huge gaping hole in the ozone layer; the kind of perfect weather where you can just lay around on your beach towel and plug in your headphones and let the music carry you off far away from where you are.

Then the battery runs out. I’ve experienced this once or twice and I’m usually all settled in by the time that happens, so I just forego the music instead. However, with this solar-powered bikini, you don’t have to.

Designed by Andrew Schneider, the solar-powered bikini can pump some electric juice into your gadgets while looking like a bikini that typical girls would wear to the beach. Charge up your iPod while you soak up some rays via USB connection. The bikini is fitted with photovoltaic strips that are held together with conductive thread. Of course, you shouldn’t go for a dip while you’re in this suit.

The solar bikini doesn’t store any of the energy it absorbs. Rather, it just passes on the electricity to your gadgets while you’re under the sun. A male version of this suit has also been announced and will be coming soon.

Each suit is custom made, so you’d have to send an email off to Solar Coterie to ask for a quote. We’ve heard that prices are around the $200 area, which is on the pricey end. But hey, at least you’re being eco-friendly while having a grand old sunny time.

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