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Tiny Space Invader Arcade Cabinet: Easy to Look at, Hard to Play on

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 8, 2011

I wasn’t aware that there are enthusiasts that love making miniature arcade cabinets. And they don’t just make beautiful cases, like the ones we’ve featured before, their machines are actually functional. One of the newer ones is this Space Invaders cabinet made by YouTuber vcoleiro1.

space invaders miniature arcade cabinet by vcoleiro1

The cabinet is a mere 7″ tall, 3.5″ wide and 4.5″ deep. Inside it are the guts of a GBA SP. Vcoleiro1 used resources from Arcade Art Library and Vectorlib to create the cute cabinet art. Surprisingly enough – at least for me – the joystick and the buttons actually pre-made; vcoleiro1 bought them from Digikey and eBay respectively.

Does that classify as a portable handheld? Feel free to email Vcoleiro1 at vcoleiro1[at] if you want the full instructions or if you want him to make you one. Hopefully his asking price will be as small as the cabinet.

[via Hot Blooded Gaming via Kotaku]