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The Clone Factory: Make Your Own Mini-Me

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Written by Range | July 27, 2011

I have trouble understanding why anyone would want a fake 3D clone of themselves, but hey, who really understands the Japanese? One shop in Tokyo, Japan, has decided to offer realistic replicas of people to discerning customers. Perfect when you want to start the bejeezus out of someone.

the clone factory tokyo japan dolls 3d printing spooky weird

The Clone Factory takes your 3D image, translates it into code, and then produces this spooky doll head for you. It’s then attached onto one of a variety of dolls.


The process is pretty straightforward, thanks to a 3D image scanner and a 3D printer, but its results are strange and eerie.

In the end, you’ll end up paying about $1,800 (USD) for your ‘clone’. Apparently, these dolls are most frequently used for (creepy) weddings. Hopefully, all of these clones won’t start working together and start their own Clone Wars  (heh!).


I wonder if these dolls will ever become popular in the U.S.

[DannyChoo via DVice]