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Dry Eyes Are a Thing of the Past With the J!NS Moisture Glasses

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 28, 2011

I carry a small bottle of Eye-Mo in my handbag wherever I go, just in case my eyes begin to feel dry while I’m out at work or doing errands. I once ran out of Eye Mo and literally pinched myself so hard, just so I could cry some tears and bring back some moisture into them. (Sounds pathetic, I know.)

That’s why I think these J!INS Moisture Glasses are a godsend.

J!NS Moisture Glasses

They’re especially useful to people (like you and me, probably) who spend loads of hours in front of the computer. These J!NS glasses will not only give you a brighter appearance because of their shocking pink color, but it will freshen up your eyes and keep them moisturized because of the special moisture reservoir attachment near the left lens.

Just fill up the reservoir with your eye drops or with purified water, snap it back into the slot, and forget about having dry eyes for the next two hours or so.

The J!NS Moisture Glasses should be available in Japan by the end of October for ¥3,990 (~$50.)

[via Oh Gizmo! via Akihabara News]