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USB Bell Dings When You’ve Got Mail

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 28, 2011

For some reason, I always associate email with “You’ve Got Mail,” that old nineties movie that starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Their romance was totally based on their virtual and online conversations, and I always remember that little old ding (or was it more like a chime sounding out?) whenever Meg would get an email from Tom.

A lot of email programs still give you a tiny little ding to alert you whenever you’ve received a new email in your inbox. But how would you like to hear that ding from outside the confines of your computer speaker?


You won’t be able to buy one of these USB bells anywhere, but you can make one yourself. The bell itself is pretty easy to find; if you don’t see any at your local stores, then filch one from the public library or from some hotel or restaurant. (Just kidding!)

Seriously though, this little contraption might look pretty simple but a whole lot of work went into turning this plain old bell into an email alert sounding device.

You can find complete and detailed instructions on how to construct your very own USB bell from Instructables.

[via Slippery Brick]