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Ninjapin Push Pins Will Make You Go “Look Ma, No More Holes On The Walls!”

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 8, 2011

Nothing is a more annoying or uglier looking sight than all those little holes in the wall after removing the pins you used to tack up posters, reminders, and other sorts of similar paper paraphernalia. Teeny, tiny holes are okay; but when they’re pretty obvious and staring back at you like black, beady eyes, then it’s, er, not.

And that’s what the Ninjapins are looking to eliminate.


Inheriting the stealth and careful ways of the actual ninjas where the pins got their name from, they won’t leave those huge pinpricks that normal pins will. Instead, you’ll get something like the greater-than symbol once you remove them from you walls, which is a whole lot better looking and totally less noticeable.

The Ninjapins are available from Assiston, an online Japanese retailer, for around $5 (¥420) for a box of 5, and $10 (¥840) for 15.

[via Matomeno via Oh Gizmo!]