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Simply Spray Fabric Paints For (Almost) Every Purpose Imaginable

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 24, 2011

My dad loved his old, ratty couch to pieces. It was the one he sat on for all those Super Bowl games and NBA Finals through the years, and it showed. My mom was always ragging on him to either throw it out or get it upholstered, and he obviously chose the latter. Something went horribly wrong at the upholsterers’ and the couch ended up getting ruined.

Upholstery PaintHe has since gotten a new couch, but my mom keeps her mouth shut about it nowadays. But anyway, had he waited a few more years, he probably wouldn’t have had to go and get it upholstered because he could have just painted over it instead with one of these Simply Spray Fabric Paints. And it’s appropriately called the Upholstery Paint.

But there’s more to the Simply Spray line than meets the eye. Aside from the basic fabric paints, there’s also the Stencil Spray, Paint It Black, Puff Paint, and even Spray Blood.

Simply Spray Paint

The Stencil Spray boasts that it looks like a silkscreen, while Paint It Black turns your once-black clothing items back to, well, black. Spray Blood is (obviously) spray-on blood, while my favorite of the bunch is Puff Paint, where the paint sort of puffs up when you heat it with a dryer.

You can get all of the Simply Spray paint sprays online from SprayPaint4Fabric and Fabric Spray Paint.

[via Make: via Oh Gizmo!]