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Ear Case for iPhone 4 is All Ears

 |  |  |  |  August 28, 2011

The ear case for your iPhone 4 is exactly what it sounds like. A giant ear that you hold up to your ear. It will also make you look like a Ferengi from Star Trek. You know, those guys with the huge ears.

We all want to protect our phone, but how silly is this case? Why would you want to be that guy? You would be constantly bombarded with big ear jokes because of this case. “Hey Prince Charles!” “Can you hear me now?”

If you happen to have a giant head, I guess it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Thing is, most of us don’t. This crazy iPhone 4 case will begin selling next month for about $13 (USD) from thumbsupworld. Maybe when these don’t sell, they can put various earrings on them and try to market them that way, maybe they can offer one with a bunch of ear wax too. Though I don’t think that will help.

[via Redferret]