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Chain Chomp Bean Bag Chair Looks Way More Comfy Than the One in the Game

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 5, 2011

Out of all of the enemies in the Mario games, I never really cared much for Chain Chomp. Not because I didn’t think he was as cool as Bob-omb or Piranha Plant, just because he was literally a real pain in the butt if he bit you. So it’s only fitting that in the real world,  Chain Chomp that actually feels good on your rear end if you get stuck.


This handmade Chain Chomp bean bag is made by Liyo of LiyoLabs (when she isn’t busy working on her PhD in Nanotechnology – seriously) and measures in at about 70cm (~28 inches) tall when filled with beans (or polystyrene beads to be more accurate). In order to keep shipping charges reasonable, Chomp doesn’t actually ship with any beads inside, so I suppose you could fill him up with dry navy or pinto beans, if you’re really feel the need to be literal. Green beans, on the other hand – not so good. Liyo is also quick to point out that Chain Chomp does not include the Guitar Hero guitar. It’s not like he could play it without hands anyhow, so it’s no big loss.


Since each bean bag is made to order, there’s about a 4 week lead time on these, but if you’re really into Mario, I’m sure you can wait for it to show up on your doorstep. You can order one over at Etsy for $120 (USD). Chain sold seperately.