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Masclear Face Masks Offer the Same Protection Without The Anonimity

 |  |  |  |  |  September 7, 2011

Years ago, when SARS first broke out, people wearing face masks while they did their daily chores was a common sight. Now I have to admit, that freaked me out a bit and I immediately went out and bought a few dozen masks myself.

But one reason I disliked donning them was that it seemed to scare people who saw me sporting it.

Masclear Transparent Mask

Maybe it’s because they can’t tell I’m smiling as they approach. Maybe it’s because some people assume the worst if they see someone wearing a face mask. Or maybe it might be because I have creepy/scary/freaky eyes (who knows?)

Masclear Transparent Mask

Well, the Masclear Face Mask (JP) clears all that up because it’s literally a clear mask. Instead of a fibrous or cloth mask, Masclear is actually a transparent plastic mask that can serve the same purpose (ie. it keeps a person’s saliva and breath from spreading by serving as a barrier.) It’s also available in two sizes, small and large, to make sure that it’ll fit the wearer just right.

[via InventorSpot via Oh Gizmo!]