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Gibson Limited Edition Firebird X Guitar: High-Tech Axe Supports Apps, Ships Today

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Written by Shane McGlaun | September 30, 2011

The Gibson Firebird X guitar is a limited edition, but that alone isn’t what makes this guitar special. The guitar has 20 revolutionary features according to Gibson that were impossible to have even five years ago. The features include improved audio quality with a dynamic range exceeding 100dB. The guitar also has over 2,000 pickup combination that are possible making the guitar able to emulate iconic guitar tones.


You can get different effects without needing accessories. The guitar has a “Pure Analog” audio engine and can produce acoustic guitar sounds, but it’s also designed to hook easily to a computer for recording and updating. The guitar also has an open architecture that will allow developers to create apps for the guitar, and Gibson plans on launching an app store for downloading guitar software.


The Firebird X also has real-time control over settings on the side of the guitar so you don’t have to reach a pedal board to change settings. One of the coolest features is that the guitar has Robotic Tuning Technology. This allows the guitar to store multiple tunings and tune itself easily and quickly.

Firebird X Guitar

The Firebird X is available starting today, and only 1800 of this limited-edition axe will be made. You can find out more about the guitar’s numerous features here.