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Floatr iPhone Stand Has Bendy Legs That Will Grab Hold Almost Anywhere

 |  |  |  |  October 17, 2011

Creators David and Jason attest that the Floatr iPhone stand was something born out of necessity. When traveling, they needed a comfortable stand that could fit in their pockets. A year later, they are testing prototypes and have launched their Floatr Kickstarter project.


Floatr is a small, versatile iPhone stand with pliable wire-stiffened rubber legs that will allow users to switch them around to cater to their needs. The rubberized body fits snugly onto the back of the iPhone 4 and clips into place.


The legs can be bent into just about any position, allowing you to easily stand up the phone, or hang it on your monitor, the back or your car seat, or on workout equipment, among other uses. While the Floatr comes with two legs, you can also add two more legs for added stability and flexibility.

floatr stand iphone 4 kickstarter

The design of the Floatr stand allows it to remain on your iPhone when not in use, and it will fit easily into your pocket.

floatr stand iphone 4 kickstarter

A quick visit to their Kickstarter page lets you know that for $25 (USD), you will get your own Floatr iPhone stand if the project is funded.