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ThinkGeek IRIS 9000 Dock Controls Siri, Won’t Try to Kill You (Unless Your Name is Dave)

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Written by Shane McGlaun | October 25, 2011

I can remember being freaked out by HAL 9000 when I was a kid. The thought of a computer that could think and try to kill you was pretty creepy. The main things I recall from the flick were that HAL said “Dave” a lot and had a glowing red eye that just glared at the screen when he spoke. ThinkGeek has just revealed HAL’s little sister called IRIS 9000.


The IRIS 9000 is a little iPhone speaker dock that you can plug the iPhone 4S into that will allow you to control the Siri voice assistant from across the room. The device has a small wireless remote control that you can use to activate the Siri system from across the room.


The dock has an integrated speaker and an integrated mic. The speaker amplifies the sound so you can hear it and the dock has an integrated mic for making voice calls. Unlike HAL’s monotonous eyeball, IRIS’ red light also flashes when Siri talks.

The device will ship in April 2012 for $59.99 (USD), and you can get on ThinkGeek’s email notification list here.