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Arcane Quad Orbit Watch Concept Spins its Wheels to Tell the Time

 |  |  |  November 18, 2011

Here’s another cool watch concept from designer Peter Fletcher I found floating around up on the Tokyoflash design blog. While it might look like a futuristic LCD timepiece, the Arcane Quad Orbit watch is actually fully mechanical.


Instead of telling time with LED or LCD segmented displays, the Arcade Quad Orbit would tell time using turning disks. Each disk would contain abstract looking symbols, which actually comprise the elements of a digital seven-segment display, and these would spin into place behind a mask in order to reveal the current hour and minutes.


It’s really quite striking, and what I rather like about it is that the design seems completely feasible. All they need to do is to work out a mechanism which would independently drive each turning disk, and the rest of it is just finding a quality manufacturer to build it.


Peter thinks that it’s possible that if a custom disk was used for the hours, the other three disks could be powered using an off-the-shelf analog movement.


As is always the case with watch concepts on the Tokyoflash design blog, there’s a chance this watch will actually be produced if there’s enough positive feedback. If you dig it, head on over and show your support. While you’re over there, be sure to poke around and look at some of the other innovative and unusual watch concepts being shown off.