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You Need This Deadpool Pencil Holder Like Deadpool Needs Several Holes in His Head

 |  |  |  |  |  November 20, 2011

Deadpool, one of Marvel’s coolest characters, is not looking so good here. It looks like he came across some pencil/throwing star wielding mutant who had a score to settle.

Deadpool’s savagely scarred and punctured head is the latest accessory from Gentle Giant for your office supplies. I guess they are running out of ideas. Maybe next we will see a stabbed Spiderman head, no doubt the work of a disturbed Jonah Jameson, Editor of the Daily Bugle and all around hot-head. Really, this is the best they could do for Deadpool?

Well, Deadpool is always making more enemies, I suppose. I guess he finally ticked off the wrong guy. This is a great item for those who hate the character to have on their desk. Unfortunately for you, it won’t be available until September of next year for a rather nightmarish $88.99 (USD) over at Entertainment Earth.