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Plywood Boombox Looks Like a TIE Fighter

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 31, 2011

Remember when everyone used to carry around those heavy boomboxes that were the size of dishwashers and took 2 million D batteries? Those days are gone, but if you still want a boombox today there is an eco-friendly alternative that you can make yourself.

This DIY boombox was made by Matt Keeter using laser-cut plywood. It plays MP3 files from an SD card, plugged into a small custom circuit board powered by an Atmega328 chip. As a bonus, it looks like a bit like a wooden TIE Fighter with a handle.


The boombox features five touch controls and is powered by just a single 9V battery. This thing will be light as a feather compared to it’s predecessors. I don’t think it will run very long on a 9-volt though. It’s a pretty good looking boombox if you ask me.

If you’d like to build your own, full build instructions, source code and schematics are available here, and it should cost about $100 in parts.

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