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C-Ring Dumbbells Track How Many Calories You’re Burning With Each Rep

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 11, 2012

Most cardio equipment in the gym come with counters that monitor the amount of calories you’re burning as you exercise. Personally, I prefer these type of machines because it sort of lets me know how much more I need to do to reach a certain calorie burning target.

C-Ring Dumbbells

Treadmills have them. So do cross-trainers. And now your next dumbbells might also be able to tell you just how many calories you’re burning – if these C-Ring Dumbbells eventually get picked up and produced, that is.

The C-Ring is a concept design by Wang Zihao. They have a built-in calorie counter that keeps track of calories exhausted with your weight training routine, determined on the basis of the weight being lifted and the number of repetitions detected by movement. To access this information, you can simply sync the dumbbells with your smartphone or PC via USB.

C-Ring Dumbbells

The cool thing about the C-Ring Dumbbells is that you can amp up the intensity of your workout by adding on compatible magnetic weight disks to each end of the dumbbell. Pretty neat, eh?

[via Yanko Design]