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Plants vs. Zombies Cake: Eat Some Braaaains (and Sugaaaar!)

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 17, 2012

While many mobile gamers have probably moved on from Plants vs. Zombies by now, I’m still not finished with the most painfully difficult mini-games yet, so it’s still in heavy rotation on my iPad. Somebody else is still enjoying their PvZ too, as is evidenced by this excellent birthday cake, inspired by the game.


The cake was created by Imelda Wikamulia as a present for Technabob reader Greg Off’s birthday, and it’s loaded up with all of our favorite PvZ characters. In the pics, I can see some sunflowers, peashooters, kernel-pults, wall-nuts, a couple of potato mines and torchwood among other defenses. There are also ample zombies on the attack.


Virtually the entire thing is edible, including the hardened sugar pool, and the coconut-dusted green lawn. About the only thing you can’t eat are the tiny cloth costumes made for some of the zombies. As the individual plant and zombie pops get finished off, there’s a whole bunch of additional ones for the eating.


Kudos to Imelda for a great geeky cake, and thanks again to Greg for sending along the pics. Now I need to go find me some sugar, so I can stay up late to finish those pesky mini-games.