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Time Me: The Integrated Pot Timer So You Won’t Forget Dinner’s on the Stove

 |  |  |  |  January 19, 2012

Because of two things, I consider myself to be a disaster in the kitchen: 1) I get absent-minded sometimes and think about other things (like work, stuff I need to buy, etc.) when I should be focusing on the task at hand (like minding the carrots); and 2) I always end up leaving the pot because of something I also need to do (answer the phone, get the door, help my nephew go potty – that sort of stuff.)

Eeven with all the other kitchen timers I have, I still forget to set them when I leave the room. Hence, a lot of burnt and wasted food, and a whole lot of Chinese takeout. So I definitely see the need for the Time Me, which is simply a pot lid with a timer built in.

Time Me

I mean, I think a lot of forgetful people in the kitchen would be bound to remember to set it, now that it’s literally right under their noses (and on top of the pot!) Plus, the design is simple enough that it could be sold as a replacement knob for the top of your already existing pots. About the only challenge with this thing is how it could be built to be dishwasher safe, since you shouldn’t have to remove it every time you wash your pots.

Time Me

The Time Me is a design by Wu Yi-chen , Wan Ru-yi, Liu Xiaoming, Xie Yan-cong and Zhou Zhou.

[via Yanko Design]