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SwitchEasy Melt Case: Pardon Me, but Your iPhone is Running

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 20, 2012

While those of you up North are probably freezing or covered in snow, where I live the weather is actually starting to warm up. Of course, there’s still the occasional thunderstorm, but it’s mostly a whole lot of warm and sunny weather. But sometimes, it’s just too warm – almost warm enough to melt the case off of my iPhone.


Just kidding. I don’t think I’d still be alive to tell the woeful tale of my smartphone’s case melting off because I’d think I would’ve been fried by the sun first.

What you’re actually seeing are the Melt iPhone Cases from SwitchEasy, that makes it look like your phone’s case is slowly melting off in all directions. (But it could also look like paint that hasn’t really dried yet – you decide.)

SwitchEasy Melt

If you want to get your device a-melting too, then you can check out SwitchEasy’s site for ordering information. Each case retails for $34.99 (USD), and they’re available in a variety of drippy colors.

[via Chip Chick]