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World’s Coolest Marshall Amp is a Fridge!

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 22, 2012

Ever since seeing This is Spinal Tap, I wanted a Marshall Amp that could go to eleven. But given the fact that I can barely string together two chords on a guitar, I never really saw the use for one of these iconic amps in my house – until today. That’s because the latest Marshall stack isn’t an amp at all – it’s a refrigerator.


It looks just like the classic amp, but the Marshall Fridge is a 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer perfect for keeping your beer and pop on ice. And unlike the video clip and images here, you are not required to fill yours with Budweiser. Personally, I’d prefer to load mine up with some Bell’s Ale¬†or maybe some bottles of Bawls.

Needless to say, Marshall wisely included knobs that go to eleven on the top of the fridge as well, making it the perfect addition to any music geek’s hangout. I only wish they figured out a way to include an actual speaker in the door, so it could work as both a fridge and an amp. Still, it’s pretty awesome.

Marshall expects to start shipping the Marshall Fridge this October for $399.99 (USD), and you can get on the pre-order notification list here.