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Selfsurfing Lets You Watch a Guy Browse the Web: The Exact Opposite of Private Browsing

 |  |  |  |  |  March 30, 2012

Online privacy is a constant issue nowadays, and with good reason. Lots of companies and organizations are raring to gather and analyze the data we produce for profit or knowledge. But Jonas Lund doesn’t seem to care about that. He created Selfsurfing, an extension for Chrome that makes your browser emulate what’s going on in his browser in real-time. It’s like an automatic version of Stumbleupon but curated by just one person.

selfsurfing iconAccording to Lund, changes to his browser are stored in a mySQL database; Selfsurfing then looks at the database and directs the browser that it’s installed in to follow Lund’s browser. Once you activate Selfsurfing, your Chrome browser will start acting on its own, opening the tabs that Lund – or whoever is using his computer – has opened.

You can download Selfsurfing from Lund’s website if you want to try it out. Fast Co. commenter Ryan Thomas also pointed out a very similar service called Voyurl, which lets you record your browsing activity so your followers can watch it and vice versa. Will it catch on? Will people even want to share this kind of intimate data? Are the folks at Google going mad with delight at the data-mining potential of Selfsurfing? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but as I’m writing this Lund seems to be just staring at a new tab.  Oh wait now he’s on Gmail. Now he’s on I Can Haz IP. I wish he’d say hi.

[via Fast Co. Design]