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Tabber LED Light Sleeve Helps You Learn to Play with a Real Guitar

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 31, 2012

With the music games out there these days, there are already some high tech ways to learn the guitar. However, most of these don’t let you play with an actual guitar, strings and frets, so it’s not exactly a realistic training experience. And those that do require that you’re tethered to a gaming console and/or use their chosen guitar. Enter the Tabber, a new product currently in development to help you learn to play with any guitar of your choice.


Created by Rob Sanchez, Ryan Rogowski and Kipp Bradford, the Tabber is a kit which can be attached to the neck of your guitar, using an array of bright LEDs to illuminate the appropriate finger points along the frets of your guitar. What’s really cool about the Tabber is that you can connect it to your smartphone, and have it light up based on the chords programmed into an app. This lets you learn on the go, and without being tied down to a computer or video game console.

The Tabber will work with either electric or acoustic guitars. It’s currently in the prototype stages, and raising funds for a production run over on Kickstarter now. While the prototype still looks a little bulky, the production version will be extremely slim and not interfere with fret fingering at all. A pledge of $150(USD) will get you all the parts to build your own Tabber, while $200 or more will get you a fully-assembled Tabber kit.