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Custom Painted Sonic the Hedgehog Sneakers for Sidewalk Spin-Dashes

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 2, 2012

These custom Sonic the Hedgehog Vans are pretty awesome, with a ton of nice detail. They were made by Reddit user lumpyheadedbunny and I have to say that they look great. They take a long time to make, but obviously they are well worth it.
If you want a pair, they will cost you about $350(USD). Sure that’s expensive, but you would be the only one on your block rocking these babies. Who knows, they might even give you Sonic’s super speed. Though I doubt it. Also, each pair takes between 45 and 60 hours to complete, so the asking price is a bargain when you think about it.

And for that price, the artist guarantees lifetime touch-ups for free, so you are getting a great service that will keep them looking great for longer. How many sellers will do that for you


[via Reddit via Kotaku]