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Confiscated TSA Scissors Turned into Creepy Spiders

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 3, 2012

I hate spiders almost as much as Indiana Jones hates snakes. Especially spiders like these, with sharp legs as well as fangs. The metal spider you see here was created by mechanical artist Christopher Locke, who created them from scissors that were confiscated at airports by the TSA.

I have never looked at a pair of scissors and thought, “Hey that would make an awesome killer spider”, bit Chris obviously sees things differently. His sharp sculptures are eerie and creepy and we can all thank God that scissor spiders don’t roam around our homes.


Thanks to a contact at the TSA, he gets all of the items like scissors and Swiss Army knives that he could want, allowing him to create monstrosities like these ones. Each is equally handmade, unique and freaky looking. Check out Chris’ Heartless Machine website, where you can buy them for between $150 to $350 (USD).

[via Archie McPhee via Colossal Art + Design]