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Google’s Project Glass Made Real by One Man, Looks Even Dorkier

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 12, 2012

Google already has prototypes of their Project Glass headset, but it seems only a select few of their employees have access to it. That’s outrageous! But wait, entitled Internet person, before you make an appeal to change the ending of Google or some other weird 21st century demonstration of barbarism, calm down. Perhaps there is a way for us to make our own Glass glasses.

project glass by will powell

Someone once said, “Where there’s a Will Powell, there’s a cheap version of the Project Glass headset,” and boy was Someone right. Programmer and IT director Will Powell claims to have built a rough copy of the augmented reality headset. Powell’s device uses a pair of Vuzix eyewear, which are basically wearable monitors, along with HD webcams, a headset, and a custom Adobe AIR program that he wrote. He used Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking program for the voice recognition and Yahoo! weather services for the weather info.

A significant number of comments on the video are chastising Powell, using enlightening, well-constructed arguments like “fake fake fake” and “Why would you share with everyone a picture of a magazine?” While those are pretty convincing points, I think I’ll wait for Powell to back up his demo video with a more technical details. I’m sure he’ll do it, because he wants to win the approval of anonymous lay people.

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