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Minesweeper Scratch-Off Postcard: Wish You Were Stressed

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 1, 2012

Here’s a couple of playable Minesweeper postcards from Connect Design, perfect for those who are planning to take a trip to Windows 3.1. The postcards are played by scratching the squares off. They’re way harder than the Windows version because it’s possible to land on a mine on your first go.

minesweeper postcard

Those who are going to take this thing seriously might want to begin with the Easy card, which has 80 squares, over the 120-square Hard card. Further elevating the awesomeness of these cards are the stickers. There are flags, smileys, question marks and bombs.

Tread carefully at Connect Design’s online store when you order the Minesweeper Postcard. Both the Easy and Hard cards cost $2(USD) each, but if you buy one of each at once you’ll only be charged $3.50.