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Stunt Drivers Spin through Real Life Hot Wheels Double Loop

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 2, 2012

This may be the most awesome video you see all week. Team Hot Wheels has landed the Guinness World Record for successfully racing two real cars through a 60-foot tall double vertical loop at the X Games in Los Angeles over the weekend. The track was called the Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare and the six-story tall track is a real-life version of a Hot Wheels toy track.

The stunt was performed by Team Hot Wheels green driver Greg Tracy and yellow driver Tanner Faust. Faust and Tracy lined up side-by-side and launched from the starting line to a speed of 52 mph before entering the side-by-side loop. The drivers were subjected to a force of seven Gs as they went through the loops.

The duo successfully completed the loop and a small jump at the end┬áto complete the stunt perfectly. It’s so cool to see a real-life six-story Hot Wheels racetrack set up with real cars zipping around just like the kids toys. Naturally, the double loop track was based on the new Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare track set available in toy stores everywhere.