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Flash Drive Packed inside a Real BMW M Keyfob

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 6, 2012

Sometimes I run across tech products that cross two different geek genres. That is certainly the case with this cool flash drive that merges car guy geekery with tech geek appeal. This official BMW flash drive has 8 GB of flash storage inside and looks like the actual M series carbon fiber key fob you get with factory hopped up BMW sports cars.

The flash drive has buttons that look like the ones for unlocking the door and the trunk, and has the official BMW logo and the M logo as well. The USB connector can be extended or retracted by pressing the trunk release button. The other buttons on the flash drive key fob surface do nothing but sit there looking authentic.

If you absolutely have to have one of these for yourself, you can order one direct from BMW for only $38. However, if you go full poser, attach it to your keychain, and pretend you actually own a BMW M vehicle, car guys will mock you.

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