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Lil’G Necronombox Bluetooth Speaker: Limbo Blaster

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 26, 2012

The popularity of mobile music players has given rise to a variety of Bluetooth speakers. Some of them cater to sporty people, others with more modern or minimalist tastes. I guess Josh Marlar went with a, shall we say, ultra niche market: demons.

necronombox lil g by josh marlar

This is his Necronombox, which Marlar imagines as “the younger brother of the Necronomicon.” He used the blood of the innocent Sculpey, acrylics, Minwax and flat glass marbles to create the terrifying case.

The Necronombox is based on a new Bluetooth speaker called the Lil’G, which by default is meant to look like a boombox and has interchangeable front grills.

The Necronombox can be yours for $400 (USD). If you’re not that desperate to be scared, you might also want to check out the Lil’G’s other one off editions at SpankyStokes.

[via Josh Marlar & Obvious Winner]