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R2-D2 Graffiti Doorway is the Perfect Entrance for a Secret Droid Workshop

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 3, 2012

Some people like graffiti, some people hate it. Any artform that puts droids on the streets is fine by me. No matter how you feel about graffiti, you have to love this secret door that is hidden within a graffiti R2-D2.

We need more graffiti like this, making boring doorways cool. This masterpiece of Droid art is the work of artist jack wrk(less). If you live in Vancouver, BC then you can actually see it in person. If you can find it.

It’s funny that right beside R2 are the auto sprinkler things, which look like an outlet that R2 could plug into for a recharge.

[via Albotas via Nerd Approved]