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Seven-Foot Long LEGO Model of Serenity Made of 70,000 Bricks

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 7, 2012

Damn. We see plenty of amazing things here at Technabob, but this has to be the best LEGO ship in the universe. This amazing reproduction of Serenity in LEGO bricks measures 7 feet-long. It’s also 135 pounds, is made of 70,000 bricks, and it took 475 hours (spread over 21 months) to complete.

Adrian Drake, its builder, is my new LEGO God. I will build an altar with LEGO bricks and worship him. Seriously. I’ll try to do it tonight if I have time. Drake used the Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack from QMx as a starting point. He converted it to LEGO and tried to make it as accurate as possible. It looks pretty darn great to me.

Inara’s shuttle even detaches so she can go meet her clients. And the wings actually swing and move. The cargo bay and drive both light up. Shall I go on? There are also custom minifigs of the crew. I can’t stop WANTING this. Check out many more images of the LEGO Serenity over on Flickr.

[via io9 via Nerd Approved]