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DigitalDudz Turn T-shirts into Awesome Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 6, 2012

Last year, NASA engineer Mark Rober shared his cool see-through iPad costume with us, but while it was one of the more clever geeky costumes I’d seen in a while, it wasn’t exactly cheap to pull off – you needed a pair of iPads to do it. Well now Mark and his buddies have come up with a spin-off on his original concept, which lets you create fun animated Halloween costumes using any iOS or Android device.


DigitalDudz is an an app, which when combined with the appropriate t-shirt and some duct tape, creates some brilliant animated costumes. Most of the designs feature some sort of moving eyeball effect, which is quite creepy. Here, check it out in action:

And if eyeballs aren’t your thing, there’s always the iWound, a custom-made latex insert with bloody details, which when paired with the “beating heart” mode in DigitalDudz is about the goriest thing you’ll see this Halloween (especially if you place the heart somewhere unusual on your body – like your arm or leg.) There are also animations of maggots, snakes, spiders and gears if you’re going for some sort of steampunk look.

Pretty creative, huh? And with the app going for the grand price of FREE, you can definitely put together a cheap Halloween costume with DigitalDudz. The matching t-shirts sell for $23.50(USD), but you can always just use the app with your own t-shirts too. Grab the iOS app here, and the Android version here. The iWound latex insert sells for $34.50.

Be sure to check out the tips below for the best way to set up your DigitalDudz costume: