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Mass Effect N7 Ambassador Watch: Spectre Gadget

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 15, 2012

If the Mass Effect Wikia is to be believed, the Omni-tool is a flashlight, a scanner, a camera, a media player, a gaming console, a hacking tool, a recycling machine, a medical device and of course a weapon. But apparently one thing it is not is a watch. Thankfully BioWare has the answer.

mass effect n7 ambassador watch

As you can see the watch is restrained in its geekiness. If you’re looking to outdork someone you’ll be better off with the Watch Boy. The strap and bezel of the N7 Ambassador watch are both made from stainless steel strap and bezel . It’s water resistant up to 300ft,  it has a carbon fiber dial, a laser etching of the N7 and Mass Effect logos as well as the individual number of the watch at the back and a Swiss movement – you won’t be stuck calibrating this machine.

Its retail price is $475 (USD), but you have to deposit $150 at BioWare’s store in order to guarantee your purchase. I highly recommend you do that ASAP if you want this watch, because the Reapers are coming N7 Ambassador watch is limited to only 500 units.

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