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The Chair That Knits While You Rock

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 15, 2012

Old folks aren’t the only ones who might want to take up knitting. For years, I’ve wanted to learn because I wanted to wear knitted stuff and be able to tell people that I knitted it myself.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty bad at it. But fortunately for me and all the other people who suck at knitting, there’s the Rocking-Knit.

Basically, this rocking chair will do all the knitting for you. And all you have to do is sit and do whatever you want, as long as you keep rocking.

The Rocking-Knit was built by Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex from the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland because they just couldn’t bear to see all that geriatric rocking energy go to waste.

The chair itself was created for the University’s Low-Tech Factory design exhibition, and we’re not likely to see it go into production commercially. Regardless, I know a lot of people who’d want to have this chair in their living room to help them get their knitting out of the way while at the same time lounging.

[via Treehugger via Dvice]