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RHA MA-450i Earphones Review: Good Price, Great Sound

 |  |  |  |  |  December 18, 2012

The cords on headphones and earbuds tend to break, especially if you use yours everyday – so I’ve become accustomed to buying new ones pretty frequently. These from RHA are a welcome surprise, as they have a durable cord design and I wasn’t expecting this kind of sound quality for such a modestly-priced pair.

rha ma450i earphones photo

Build from machined aluminum, the RHA MA-450i earphones have 10mm drivers with a frequency response of 16 Hz to 22,000 Hz. The earbuds are sound insulating, but without any active noise-cancellation technology. This isn’t really necessary because the earbuds hold in your ears well enough to isolate you from most external noise. They come with a mic and a remote, which will allow you to control music and take calls on an iPhone.

rhama450i earphones black photo

The reinforced braided fabric cord is also a nice surprise, because if you’re careful enough, you can keep your cords tangle-free. The cord is quite long, at 5′ (150cm). It’s long enough to go from my ears to the iPhone in my pocket, and still be able to use the iPhone without opening my coat, as I usually pass headphone cords under my jacket. I found this convenient, but if you prefer shorter cords, then these earphones won’t fit the bill. The earphones also include a set of seven different silicone ear-tips to ensure a snug fit in your ears.

ma 450i rha ear tips photo

The one thing that I was missed was a hard case for the earphones. They come with a soft carrying pouch, but I would have liked something sturdier.

My setup with a salvage case from a pair of defunct Shure earphones

My setup with a salvaged case from a pair of defunct Shure earphones

The MA-450i earphones are a worthwhile consideration for anyone needing a decent pair of earbuds. The sound quality is quite surprising. I compared them with the Beats Tour, which retail for $149.95, and I preferred the RHAs.

The RHA MA-450i earphones are available in black or white for $49.95 from the Apple Store.