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Razer Orbweaver Keypad Puts Just the Gaming Keys in Your Left Hand

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 5, 2013

The problem I always had using a full-size keyboard for gaming with games that have a lot of commands bound to keystrokes was remembering which of those keys activated the commands I was looking for. I often felt that using a smaller keyboard or even a keypad was better because it was easier to remember where macros and commands were set up. If you feel the same way, Razer has just unveiled a new gaming keypad called the Orbweaver.


The Orbweaver is designed to be used with your left hand in place of a standard keyboard, while you still use your right hand to control the mouse. The device has 20 fully programmable keys and all of them are mechanical. Gamers love the clicky nature of mechanical keys and they also tend to last longer than cheaper keyboards. Thanks to the programmable keys and Razer’s Synapse 2.0 software, macros can be bound to any of the keys and can have unlimited length. It’s also got an 8-way directional pad that sits perfectly under your thumb.

The Orbweaver also has eight key maps that can be changed instantly and include adjustable hand, thumb, and palm rests for comfort. All the keys are backlit for gaming in the dark and the keypad measures 2.17-inches deep by 6.06-inches wide by 7.95-inches high and weighs a bit more than half a pound. The Orbweaver is available right now for $129.99 (USD).